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Enterprise IT outsourcing

Service outsourcing (IT Outsourcing Managed Service) construction information businesses and individuals all or part of IT work contracted out to professional service company service mode. It includes the following: information technology planning (consulting), selection of equipment and software, network, system and application software system construction and network maintenance and upgrades of the system as a whole. Is the rapid development of enterprise digital, improve quality, enhance work efficiency, a way of saving information costs, also provided great help for individual users. Integration using their external customers with the most outstanding IT professional resources, in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, give full play to their core competitiveness and enhance the ability of the external environment of a customers management. At present, there are 60% of the United States businesses with professional IT outsourcing services rapidly expanded its business. Do what you do best (your core competency) and outsource the rest! has become an irreversible trend.

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