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Website how much it costs?

clients consult our website design company to emphasize low prices, cheap web site, so that we can understand, of course, is with the least input for maximum returns. Saying "good cheap goods cheaper, you have your point", customers of your choice of website design prices are reasonable?

first look at your customer's needs, if you want to build the kind of small business Web sites, would not have to spend a lot of money. If you want your Web site to achieve a number of dynamic function requires a higher price, price is based on the function of, we want to build a more complex function, technician technology required is high, wages are higher, of course, the cost of adding servers and other such website prices are naturally high.

another point to consider is that enterprise customers to an affordable price range, based on the needs of enterprises can afford the price, after all, budgets and profitability are different in different enterprises. Two factors are considered in order to arrive at a satisfactory answer.

in fact, many customers hanging on to cheaper sites and your website what's the difference? Open it looks like there is not much difference? Below we talk about cheap web design what the consequences will be.

1, and website design up not to professional level;

2, and website do Hou found many things is extra, many function cannot using, shaped with exist;

3, and website often exists various program technology problem;

4, and website several months, and half on cannot access, looking for provides service of personnel not received phone, missing traces;

5, and Early said what is provided free of charge, maintenance fee;

6, follow-up care is not guaranteed, and lack of access to professional guidance.

so much trouble, you still want cheap stuff, okay? Return on investment, believe in this truth, how much your return on your website investment as there are.

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