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Web site building how to choose Web hosting?
First, load. Its importance is much higher than the space capacity, application hosting business is built on the premise of multiple users to share a single stand-alone server resources to achieve, but users need to service providers to know, whether own or how many users will share the resources of a server. Because only the service providers of the resources used by each user to make after the fair division of, can fully guarantee the interests of most users. If you share too many users, belongs to the excessive load on the server, it will cause the server stability, and have problems such as CPU processing power is low, the program runs, users of the site are accessed frequently, such as "page could not be found", unable to connect to the database or even access to such serious failures. In General, according to the different Web hosting services category, each type of users who share at least a few, most should not exceed the limits of hundreds of.
and some lack of service providers, in order to maximize the use of limited hardware resources, usually put the excess on each server up to thousands of users. So the user wants to obtain "reasonable resources" secure virtual hosting services, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant service provider's strength. As the service has a number of servers, the selected user load amount of virtual host service type "concrete" commitments. So it's best to select larger in comparison of Web hosting service providers as partners.
II, the flow rate. Number of access means the user Web site (that is, allow users to Web sites that are called within a month the sum of data), and service is also based on fair allocation of server resources reasons, to restrict each user site traffic, but the problem is the limited extent. If the limit is too small it will greatly harm the interests of users, even so, if the flow values provide a small, site spaces is of no avail because it makes users Web browsing is very slow, as shopping in your life "long queues".
normal circumstances, as long as the vendor of hardware resources adequate flow limitation is not too low. And those need "full" using limited hardware resources, and cannot open many flow numerical of servicers, to can attract user, will will take only in server in the added hard disk and not acquisition server such to sacrifice server stability for cost of technique, put same type of virtual host service of space capacity slightly than elsewhere adjustable high dozens of trillion, by this flaunts "Super big" of advantage has.
III, the number of connections. Refers to the split second, able to accept applications for open Web pages by the user number, connection value is directly related to the size of the user Web site login level. Less if you set connection limits, not so much the number of visitors your site while user appears to visitors to the site, such as long waiting times is not smooth, connections support standard are usually not indicative limits. But some small service providers in order to facilitate the monitoring of users, forcing the high price bracket types of virtual hosting services, then the number of connections to make hard and fast numerical classification, so users require special attention when you buy.
four, online rates. Website build should always be running, in order to ensure that visitors log in at any time. This is a logical request, foreign web hosting service providers are generally users online rate level of commitment. But only a few domestic manufacturers a clear commitment to ensure user site, rate online, most of the service due to bandwidth limitations, hardware quality and technique management level, it is prone to downtime issues, thus is unable or unwilling to make public "quantitative" substantive assurance.
v, flexibility. Is whether service providers can provide economical and convenient application options. There are two points worth special attention to users, one can decide on their own Web space expands line of configuration, the other will at the same prices apply different operating system platforms. Because both of these problems are directly related to the economic interests of the user, once the user's website development and expansion to the existing space capacity tends to be saturated, users would have to "appropriately" increase configuration to cope with. But the problem is that some service providers in order to seek profit, usually does not allow users to 10 MB, 20 trillion to a small increase in space, but only licensed hundreds of megabytes a standard request, which is disguised to force users to upgrade, which both allow users to spend more money and can not be purchased at all with rich resources. And so is the free choice of operating system, some users are used to using UNIX operating system platform, while others are good at Web platform based on NT system operation, but some services are based on the differences in application of the same type of site's service area is divided into price high and low grades. So you want users to be able to in front of the consumer, but also to "shop around". VI Web site features. For many is just contact networks of small and medium enterprises, if server provides the Web management interface, is not simple, easy to use, functionality is not ready, the future cannot be operated successfully on the site. It should be noted that service providers are included with user's site as "Web page automatic creation module, FRONTPAGE extensions" (each host type) that can be removed from the complex operation function on their own.

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