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The steps essential to building a successful website
Now websites can be said to be tens of thousands, many Web sites all look very ordinary, but are these ordinary Web site contributed to the development of the Internet. Do not start to think about new models of new technology, of course, if you have the know-how, also have economic power, then it can.
we all know that the old problem of connecting South and North is always done, a great influence on the flow speed is the factors, I think few people are willing to open a waste a lot of time on the Web!
stability: not every other day space maintenance, that would leave a bad impression, not many people would go to often go wrong website, unless it is your own! Oh, if you want to build a stable site, don't use free space, or maybe one day and saw he had worked so hard to do without!
layout: everything has its reason for being, your site's image in the eyes of visitors would have determined, if you often go to change him, was not used by visitors, visitors first, as customers! Need to change proposal must consult the views of its members, or you stand to succeed, of course, except for the inevitable changes!
-specific: everything should be specific, any station is the same, remember to do a large portal site from the outset, and so on, after all, now does most of site is a personal site, after all, limited human resources, this will tend to have do nothing well.
Optimization: very important! Real situation to find out, but not tell you to cheat! That would have the opposite effect, some SEO techniques might not work for you, maybe your a casual small changes, will bring you traffic over a few comments, this is not possible it is important that you want to find out, in practice!
Update: update your site frequently, t n all day to see a website or updating your site, it will give a very bad impression, even if your site is very good, too!
link: the link is not, we may rule has some understanding of PR, we no long description here. If you do link to the site be GG to penalties, then your site is likely to be right down, so it is important to note that, and and PR value of site to do, won't do you any good.
key words: key words are important, so that others can find your site quickly, but it does not let you go number want to do keyword, so your site will be search engine k out. Don't always put some popular keywords, nothing changes, because the popular keywords people a lot.
webmaster technical forums regularly, such as outdated, in these places can give you information about a lot of new news, and some ordinary people can not think of a new question and programmes. More importantly you can know a lot of friends here, and for the people who built, friends is a must.

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