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The difference between marketing and brand websites
Originally page is a is single of concept, market of changes and people of needs let it from is not single, we in search engine in search Shanghai marketing website construction and Shanghai brand website construction this two keywords are can see many company in do this two a word search engine bidding, about marketing website and brand website of difference from concept to products difference in where? know of customer does not more, know a products of people many. Marketing website, conceptually they are a brand website branded no brand products into the road, and brand sites from a Web site he is highlighting your brand so that consumers can feel the benefits of brand. We now in website see of many brand website like Mercedes-Benz, adidas official network,, they are is line Xia after years of development formed has a brand system, they not need with they itself website to publicity himself, so brand website and marketing website difference from consumers, to enterprise itself awareness and development overall are distinct, now big empty wing brand operation and everyone both chat they Zhijian of difference.
1, and search habits not as-consumers experience difference brand website and marketing website in consumers eye in seems is nothing more than is a visibility not not visibility of problem, brand company of website consumers or remember domain name or on directly search brand found its website into information needs like we to find Mercedes-Benz or adidas directly search company name on out has, and not brand of website consumers is through needle in a haystack as of to fishing, on took Shanghai website construction for example, Don't know our consumer, he can only search for website design or Shanghai as the site's company, and so on to find their listings, one is directly through the brand name search, a search by product, by brand search target, and search by product is like a needle in a haystack. General product searches are more likely to be close to the consumer eye users.
2, and enterprise itself awareness-let marketing and brand has formed awareness himself construction website of purpose to is strong, brand website construction enterprise he know himself online Xia has has has visibility, family without through looking for products found he, on as adidas, it not need through consumers found pigment shoes found he, he construction a website is is to let line Xia consumers convenient at any time through Internet understand they, so how let brand itself value and website of value reached equal, This is website design priority consideration. Website and marketing enterprise of different knowledge end marketing website was offline are not well-known by users who want him to direct search to find their information, so as to achieve the purpose of the transaction.
3, and development overall-brand stimulus eye, marketing attract click in development Shi, we for brand website and marketing website is completely not as of, brand website can to reached purpose using all for search engine not friendly of page as large JS, large of FLASH, and so on, purpose only a, achieved line Shang stimulus eye let has know he brand of consumers think they in last brand website, and marketing website different, he need of is put provides of products ( Common words that a user search) name so that users, users didn't know his brand case but you need this product can be directly known to him, when development, marketing websites as a whole to consider search engine preferences, combined with favourable promotion, makes its final show because of the search.
whether a marketing website or a brand Web site, ultimately is a website, target different, is different, but as Internet companies, according to conclude that, in strict accordance with customer demand to build, not just a concept taught.

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