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Market research company recently released a research study report, end of 04, in North America, 34%, small businesses have used the Internet to sell their products or services, in addition, the 25% of the business plans by Internet sales in 12 months. United States online sales in 2004 accounted for 4.8% of the GDP, and this number continues to grow. This means that if your company does not pay attention to such an important channel for sales and marketing, you'll miss the opportunity.
as a basic form of network marketing Web site is published on the Internet by many, for people to browse, full pages of text, images and electronic files. Your Web site can do? You can use your website as a selling point, a marketing channel, a tool to establish a corporate image, a branding channel, an information center, a new product promotion centers and so on. When you plan to create a website, you should focus on your online strategy, keep in mind two things: your online goals and your potential visitors.
common corporate Web site classification, information provided:
most corporate websites belong to this type, these sites were in fact like a traditional corporate brochure. Its objectives could be:
, publicity companies: landmarks and company-related information. For example, a company needs to have a site like this. Web sites often include: company history, news, tasks, notes, introduction and FAQs and other important projects. In this website, images as the text added, of course, can also have a video and FLASH, and so on.
, advertise products and services: a need to promote itself has just developed a new drug, pharmaceutical companies can build a website to promote its new product. This information for the purpose of site is to enhance the product or service awareness.
, famous brand: a manufacture of products sold through distribution channels-only companies can build a website, intended to provide official information of the products and enhance the brand visibility. It is a supplement company offline branding.
II, online sales will use e-commerce to e-commerce Web site. This site features include:
, detailed product or service information, includes photos, sometimes multi-media, drawings and charts;, shopping cart-so that buyers can select one or more items purchased;, payment portals – allow the buyer to purchase products or services.
III, corporate portal, known as company portal Web site provides a number of resources or services. For example, e-mail, and company-related news and articles, a member of the Forum community. Portal is to offer enterprise-specific visitor's entrance.
four, B2B trading deals is an online trading platform where buyers and sellers to communicate, negotiate and do deals. Its main function is to provide members with a place to use the Internet effectively to conduct commercial activities. An enterprise B2B trading site is the company's market, it is for the company's own buyers, sellers and business staff to provide design services.
site plan before you start building your website, you should first of all according to your online projects, targeted visitors and resources in developing a plan. You can write a movie storyboard writing your plan. This storyboard is a bit like a flow chart with site elements you need. When you know what you are building a Web site, can only confirm your Web Developer and select the technical scope of the project. This is the Jedi needed! In most cases, as you require different programmers prepare your site may be very different.
in preparing the site, even after you publish the Web site, keep in mind the following points:
Web page download speed in order to make the site attractive, we will often use large volumes of images. A at T1 speeds only takes 1 second to download a page, to download on a 28.8 modem for 55 seconds. Surfers are impatient to wait too long! So, publish your Web site to ensure your site optimized every page in accordance with the following requirements, otherwise you will lose most of the surfers browsing your site!
from the user's point of view you page, delete all of your information is important for pictures; with effective tools to optimize the rest of the picture FLASH pictures might be cool, because it's cool not to use it. Be careful using FLASH; to be placed on your Web page on a host that has a good bandwidth.
links to navigate your site should accurately define, correct display and easy to see. If it is a large site with many pages, you must have a site map page. Remember, not all visitors are from your home page to login to your site's navigation to ensure they can as far as possible from Home start browsing your website to browse through your website. Give a good name to link pages, and use it to attract visitors to click on. Also make sure that all of the links on your site is working properly, they can bring the viewer in the right place.
Web page the unity of all the Web pages should have a uniform appearance. This not only makes your site look professional, and when visitors view your site they will always know they are on your Web site.

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