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Free be the SME website construction
Purpose, the SME website – network marketing business to make money, to be effective it is absolutely proper way. So companies must take into account any investment return, construction sites and other investment without distinction of any kind, taking into account the commercial return. Why build a station? Site issues? Some natural things become the paramount consideration. Judging from the Ali website success stories, there are many websites make money and earn 10 times, as much as a hundredfold. Most enterprises do not have the application site gains is an indisputable fact. People make money, here the opportunity; most people didn't make money, suggests most people will not take it. Some network employees to corporate training, said that the role of the site is e-commerce, customer relationship management, and so on. But as a basis for SMEs, e-commerce is so bad, logistics cannot keep up, means no payment solution, electronic commerce is just perfect technical solution, the enterprise has no practical value. Customer relationship management is necessary, anyone know the meaning of retaining customers, but in the enterprise 80% customer website only in his spare time era, with Web sites as a means of customer management is rather farfetched? So, I think the present SME website construction the main purpose of "network marketing", contains a part of the e-commerce network marketing and customer management content, more in line with China's conditions, with low investment and quick, high technical content and operation characteristics of freedom. Internet marketing should be the direction of most of the Enterprise website construction. Website moves around network marketing around network marketing target customers to action. Each enterprise's target customer is different, specific analysis is required. Like domestic enterprises and foreign trade enterprises site construction is completely different; facing Germany's corporate website and for the United States's corporate website differs, specific details of the author wrote another chapter.
Second, the Enterprise website how to operate-integrated website building network of resources many isolated sites, the station lacks adequate support, he also wrongly believe that building a Web site even if the Enterprise website construction. In fact, customers visiting your Web site, is equivalent to see your Office, if dust everywhere, no one reception, nobody, what would you say? Should your Office be manned, neat and clean, and always be prepared COFFEE to receive guests. No difference under the construction of this Web site, the network is true, because the visitors are real people. Network and reality there is no difference, in reality, what methods do you use to receive guests or business, the same method used on the Web site! Here let me tell you, the network requires expert management, regular maintenance, do not let customers see in 2003 2000 year press, don't let customers send the EMAIL will never accept the letter, other customers to see the same faces for three consecutive years. Web site just like you have a potted plant and watered it. Many corporate websites has no dedicated, enterprise does not pay attention to network marketing, how to obtain a return? Keep in mind that "network marketing" is the number one project leaders should pay attention to, and support, the most important thing is not the money, it is the determination to resolve-is the integration of resources.
III, the SME website construction techniques in order to give viewers a feeling, I summarized some enterprises website technology implementation tips, hope to help enterprises website.
1 on UI=User Interface UI design, user interface means. Many design companies simply considered as UI interface design, this Web site architecture instead of something more important, spend the least amount of time for users to find what they need, but also to take into account, highlight the corporate image, this is the fundamental goal of UI design. Business design is the most important to focus on the user's habits and information order.
2 on the resolution there imperfection designs will want to avoid this problem. Because neither the printed programme is also demonstrated in the computer basically is to look at the question, but to foreign customers, tend to be a problem. Now more popular monitors can reach 1280, user settings, tend to have their own preferences is set 800x600,1024x768 more generally, it also uses 1152 and 1280, especially foreign customers, they tend to use the LCD, LCD displays the default resolution is 1024 or more. So in design must take into account the situation of different resolution, seeking to achieve good results.
3 on browser in China, IE browser has became actually of standard, but abroad market Shang other type of browser also has compared big of market share, this on appeared has a problem, if consider to other of browser, website of dynamic characteristics or function Shang on will by is big of limit, because many new appeared of function support are is Microsoft proposed of, other browser does not support. So from this point of view, also be skills-oriented, not too many special effects, that looks a mess in other browsers. Even if you need special effects, the best and choose Flash are all supported standards, do not choose Java as IE6.0 on Java support is very poor. This question really involves competition between Microsoft and other browser manufacturers, from our corporate identity and fundamental interests, effects, with as little as possible.
4 search engine landing site after the construction of the search engine and keywords can help customers find your site, this is a very important part of Internet marketing. Search engine mechanisms vary, but most of them are in support of the keyword. You need keywords related to your company and to find out, in the production site was added. But there is a problem, if your Web site is a pure Flash, so under normal circumstances, keyword would be difficult to add. So be sure to avoid making full Flash site, it is best to mix design. Existing effects, speed, while also introducing a large number of keywords.
5 Flash problem now, more and more companies choose to use Flash to make company's Web site, like the brilliant effect. But some problem also is need note of: like Flash easily maintenance, if has need update of part very not convenient; Flash of operation are to by client, requirements compared high, if you in himself of computer Shang or in design company of computer Shang see of effect very smooth, does not representative all are can see such of effect; Flash in the if need insert large of text, best with dynamic entered text, such volume small, and looks more clear, do don't playing into shape, remember! Remember that!
6 admin technical site is generally divided into two camps: Linux+Apache+PHP+MySQL and NT+IIS+ASP+SqlServer.
unless you are very confident about their own company's technical strength, or chose the latter, so that development and maintenance easier. Technicians is relatively easy to find. But if your Web site features a very powerful, number of users, may the latter League, then you can consider the former programme.
7 on the network security and data backups are now a growing number of powerful companies buy a server yourself, this is going to pay special attention to network security problems. Because many companies have some experience of renting space in front, but then the company responsible for network security, now buy their own servers is going to face this problem, many companies are unaware of the seriousness of it. If you have your own server, the best by a professional company or network management is responsible for network security and data back up this kind of thing, once with hacker or virus would be silly--worked so hard to accumulate customer data or the Web site content is lost.

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