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E-commerce website introduction
E-commerce website is one of the most important link in the e-commerce application, which will reflect the practice of e-commerce operation, is to learn e-commerce, an important step to integrate the e-business skills of. This courses according to e-commerce actual application process in the of main link, combined currently China e-commerce website construction of reality, Fusion software engineering thought, to students detailed introduced has established e-commerce website by must master of technology, and actual example to out has e-commerce website of general development process, including FrontPage page making, and script technology, and ASP technology, and Web database technology, and CMM system structure, and e-commerce website development of software engineering implementation method and the instance, Each technology requires specific experiments, in order to facilitate student learning, we also prepared test materials. Through this course, can develop e-commerce website design and development capabilities. A lot of achievements.
current teaching of this course has entered a stage of stability, improved. We will adhere to the people-oriented concept, from the concept of education, teaching, management and other aspects of the system, exploring mechanism under the new conditions and the new environment and improve students ' e-commerce operation skills and creative abilities, and strive to turn the course into provincial, national excellent courses.
business lab. Hardware configuration (1) Server system: Dell 2600 Server 2 Taiwan; the system bear has whole LAN of file service, and Internet service; (2) LAN system: in a laboratory within using 3 Taiwan switch directly will 45 Taiwan PC computer, and 3 Taiwan server, and 2 Taiwan Apple machine, and 4 Taiwan POS machine, and 1 Taiwan electronic scales connection up, constitute has a full shared of experiment platform.
(3) using a PC machine: P4 computer 45.
(4) Apple computer: the system uses the MAC OS operating system, is incompatible with the Windows completely, but support for Java, we ask students to design a website in use of Java in its design more successful and achieved good results.
(5) POS machine-based data entry system: configuration 4 POS machines, an electronic scale, a control server, a card reader, and the purchase of a software that can be used in large supermarkets.
. E-commerce laboratory of software configuration currently most of students contact of are is based on Windows of system, knowledge narrow, cannot imagine enterprise field equipment of diversity, on standard interface (software, and hardware) of understanding not deep, and e-commerce precisely to building Yu different species platform on, so we in hardware select of when consider has this problem, in software configuration of when, deliberately solution this problem.
(1), the choice of operating system: we use in the e-commerce Lab 5 operating systems: Windows 2003 (server), Windows 2000 (student workstations), Windows 98 (POS), Mac OS (Apple), Red Hat Linux 9 (FTP server). These operating system covers almost all popular, students, future systems may be used, in this lab the student will understand these operating systems are developed, expanding its knowledge, its "standard" a deeper level of understanding.
(2) database system is the core system of data, in the POS machine comes with SQL Server, SQL Server 2000 is installed on the primary server because the POS machine with low server grade, unable to bring the whole lab use. On the FTP server, we use MySQL database system based on Linux and on Apple machines we use database system based on Mac Works. These database systems support ODBC, so although the platform is different, but the data transfer operation without any obstacles.
(3) development tools: for different experiments we developed using different tools, junior development of e-commerce systems based on Windows 2000, SQL Server2000, we use ASP development tools and FrontPage 2003; senior students when developing Apple application system, POS system, the tools are most widely used, including: Visual Studio. Net 2003 (using C++, Java, ASP. Net, and so on), and Apple Works and the Java/VB Script, MySQL Script, PHP etc.
which can make students master the development of different systems in order to meet the needs of future work.
. Bear experiment teaching e-commerce laboratory bear has e-commerce introduction to, and e-commerce database technology, and e-commerce security, and e-commerce website construction, and e-commerce system development technology, and network marketing, and e-commerce and logistics management, and Java program design, and management information system these courses of experiment task (specific of experiment project listing), week experiment class number reached has 32 hours, better of play has laboratory of functions, completed has established laboratory for of planning.

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