Where is the relevance of website building and website optimization

from Internet to today, there are an increasing number of small and medium enterprises to the Internet platform to promote their products and services, to get more visitors to their site, and convert those visitors into potential customers.
what kind of website can get more visitors? Website design and website construction should pay attention to what issues? Website and search engine optimization have to do with it? Website development and search engine optimization go hand in hand.
a senior Beijing website company-Enterprise Internet experience, website into search engine optimization strategies at the same time, so that a new Web site in the search engines are able to get a good ranking is very helpful. So, optimizing personnel are not required for your website to modify your Web site after the building framework and layout, keyword policy, inter-site interactions and so on do the work, thus saving a lot of time.
we advocate is the site of construction combined with search engine optimization, to standardize site meets the Web, internationalization, search engine optimization.
1, so what is a Web standard?
Web standard website construction to achieve a range of standard collection Web page is composed of three parts, structure, and behavior. Structure standard language include the following 2 XHTML and XML, and standard languages including CSS, standards of conduct including object model (W3CDOM) such as ECMASCRIPT.
2, what is internationalization?
so-called Web site internationalization, which means that we should follow the standardization requirements of the website using reasonable means to make the site reach the goal of Internet marketing. Is a website of appearance does not is most main of, but he of function and practical is we website construction should consider of most important problem one of, designer should more reference some abroad of Web site design out of website that has China website design of style and and international of mode phase combined, and highlight website of features, like you is do products sales of, so on should focuses on introduced products and function; if you is do service of, so on should like customer show of is you of detailed thoughtful of service way, anyway, No matter what kind of business you are, for your own products you want to feature to locate your site, so as to meet international.
3, what is search engine optimization?
has such of Chinese defined is description search engine optimization of: SEO personnel should followed search engine of operation mechanism method principle, using science of website construction standard, to on page of structure, and layout, and language text of edit and site between of external interactive and the internal links strategy to excavations website maximum of potential, makes website in search engine in the has good of competition advantage, and makes visitors into for you potential of target customer, this is search engine optimization.
more than just website is not enough, website alone is not into is the use of search engine optimization strategy, website and search engine strategy is inextricably linked, only the combination can make your website get good rankings in the natural search engine rankings.

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