Site updates in the Enterprise website construction relationships with Web site SEO
Web site content updates for SEO discussion topics, and never stopped. Before you think of billion euro at the beginning of this topic, we have set aside this topic, to reaffirm the point of search engine. Is that search engines are often says, a Web site with unique content, clear, good user experience of the site, the site is user and search engine like.
webmaster FAQ on Baidu and Google's webmaster guidelines, two search engines are jointly referred to the importance of unique content. Quotes some old-fashioned ideas and after the mysterious text from search engines webmaster guidelines, back to the subject of our discussion today.
discussion website content of update on SEO whether has no help Qian, we need figure out Chu real of 4 a problem 1. update of purpose 2. update what of content 3. long update once 4. update of depth for this 4 a problem, we a of to for decomposition:
a, and website update purpose update website content of purpose for any a website administrator for, should are is very simple of, that is to put website construction of better. But an understanding of SEO and website administrators who don't understand SEO than there are differences. Learn SEO Webmaster Update site content may be for the purpose of improving a keyword ranking, does not understand SEO site administrators should be to make the site better, richer, to update the content of the content.
Update site is not correct, can also cause your work is futile.
II, updating what was basically a lot of webmaster is updating in order to update, they repeated content from the Internet n update the information, you want to do is collect and copy. This may be because some Web site administrators do not understand the reason for search engine optimization. But there are a lot of SEO practitioners to Web site content that is updated is collecting, copying, duplication of information on the Internet, because they feel that the difficulty of creating original content is very high.
reprinted on the Internet very high repeatability of information to update your Web site, using this method to develop the site, even if the website to keep updated every day, it's hard to let the site get high enough weight.
If you want to develop the site, and tried to create original content for the Web site.
c, how long updates 1 according to decide on the real Web site to update your site, usually within half a month to update to the site several times, not 3 months, half a year before, 1 year updates Web site. That search engine spiders can crawl your website are not so diligent.
four, update, update the site depth not only site Home updates, to find some buried deep in the site updates page. Updating site content is actually equivalent to instructions ordered search engine spiders to crawl to keep enough for some important pages in the Web site of the update frequency.
think of billion and Europe view updates to the site, no help to SEO's top priority is to see what are the updates to the site content, is the content of the original content is collected. Collecting them in the content for the current search engine algorithms, like this update, and no use. Only keep the original content to the site update will only enhance website performance in search engines. Then followed by objective aimed to combine good website content. Followed by update frequency and depth, to keep a balance update frequency can make Web sites can grow stable development, updates the time depth is for those long but still very high importance pages added fresh blood.
to the site up to date, is already a lot of SEO has been recognized even summed up as one of the technologies within the scope of search engine optimization. But it is not any of the Web sites need regular updating of information, which requires Web sites depending on the type.

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