Site being punished dropped what should I do
First make it clear Web site is blocked or punished, and if it is, what is the cause? If blocked is because cheating into a new domain name in General can not solve the problem.  
another frequently encountered problem is that site being punished dropped what should I do?
should first of all make sure that your site is completely blocked, or is it just dropped. Direct search domain name or URL
/> site: instructions to check websites one unique word (such as a copyright notice would not have happened at other sites such as sentence) search
If you make sure your site all the pages are already disappearing from the search engine database, then there may be a server crash, Also may have a robots.txt file problem, or detect serious cheating.
If your Web pages are still in the database, but fell, then there may be some signs of suspicious of your website being punished, could also be search engine algorithm changes.
here said the decline in ranking refers to the sharp drop, if only from the first page to the second page, it is normal. If the fall from the first page to the 20th page, then you should check it out. All normal

Server is recent downtime? Server is set up correctly? When the search engine spiders to crawl when the server does return 200 status code? If the server has a problem, it should only be a temporary phenomenon.
robots.txt file
robots.txt file is used to block search engine spiders crawling certain directories or files, although this feature is very useful, but it is prone to error.
If you have a robots.txt file set problem, the search engine spiders can't crawl your site. Normal setting and very small disparity in the wrong setting, multiple checks to ensure correct.
website are over-optimized
on the optimization of many specific techniques and tools, such as keyword selection, of writing title tags, keyword density, and site structure, and so on. But if you use all of these techniques, not far from the problems.
excessive optimization now tend to be rankings are an important reason for punishment. There is a problem, which is properly optimized, which way is overly optimized, only by experience to master. If you optimize comfort yourself "should be OK", then I'm afraid. Suspicious pages
many will put some JavaScript to the page shift or meta refresh, which might be considered suspicious practices. 302 turn can also cause problems.
has a large number of cross-linked
have a lot of owners will have access to a lot sites, and cross links between these sites, which is most likely causing the problem.
a person has four or five sites, it is understandable, but forty or fifty Web sites, each site is small, the quality is not high, and are linked to each other, it's suspicious.
links to other suspected cheating website
check the export link, only links to relevant sites? Only links to high quality sites? Linked sites have been closed or are you punishing? If so, your site was blocked or punished the day is not far off.
there is no duplicate content pages
Although the replication content does not cause the website to be sealed, but if your domain name authority is not high may result in dropped. Other cheating
/> carefully check if there is a hidden Web page? Have a lot of spam links?
when checking these, should not deceive himself, on the site which means webmasters only themselves know best, are difficult to see.
reader asked if I could help him to diagnose. To be honest, it's not aiming to see at a glance.
ever used these dubious means, owners should know.

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