Several steps to get better ranking
Spammers often like to use new domain names to earn money, they buy lots of domain names, by automatically generated content, hoping to profit from ads for these sites. In addition, some owners like to use new domain name to test new search engine spam filtering technology. Therefore, Google is difficult to determine whether a new site is trustworthy, which uses a series of filtering technology could lead to a new site's ranking falling until it is that your site is trustworthy.
If you have a new Web site, and by what means you can get a high ranking on Google whom? New site how to overcome Google's filtering mechanism. In Google before you trust your Web site, it's hard to get a high ranking, therefore, as soon as possible so that your site is trusted as follows.
to optimize your Web page when there are many external links will give you more opportunities for ranking, but you have to tell search engines what keywords you want to make your site get a higher ranking, so optimizing your pages, so when searching for your keywords, Google ranks your site in the forefront.
using the right keywords for highly competitive keywords such as "auto", you hardly get a within 10 ranking for keywords such as "Atlanta used car dealer", you may get a higher ranking. For some specific search keywords and get a high rank is not easy, of course, these words might have a higher conversion rate, take the time to use this keyword tool to find the right keywords for your site.
get the external link external link if there is no good, it is hard to get high rankings in Google, access to relevant external links on your site as possible, if some appropriate external websites link to your website, then you will soon gain trust in Google.
wait after you follow these three steps, you may need to wait a period of time, your Google ranking will continue to rise. For a brand new site that you follow the correct method of successfully doing the right thing, get a higher Google ranking is possible.

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