Several basic factors of website promotion (a)
: Clear website network user base this is done by promoting the most basic prerequisites, prior to any website or network product line, would be clear for the user group. Now most corporate websites are industry-specific, there are very specific user groups, as an extension, first of all to communicate with leaders of our company or products, clear site for user groups, then in order to have the purpose of effective promotion on this part of the user community.
II: survey users to gather the main places in the clear after the targeted user group on your Web site, you need to do surveys, analysis of these users appeared in some where on the Internet, what type of Forum, what types of Web sites, or places such as QQ Group. Know where this part of the user, you know where to go to do the promotion is the most effective. Potatoes here, video-sharing websites such as YouTube for example.
video share website user for example:
1: traditional video website, (popularity of rarely 2: video search engine, (Google, Baidu video search: video related forum, (depending on drama, anime related of Forum stick: navigation station movie video classification, (60,2345,: film critic class website, (light network, douban 6: video related QQ Group, (depending on drama, anime related of QQ Group 7: similar competition website, (6, potatoes, excellent cool 8: television topic, (Sohu entertainment, SINA entertainment

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