Online word of mouth marketing do?
online word of mouth marketing is a lot of companies have a great deal of expectations. Seemingly all industries can benefit from positive word of mouth. And the network looks very cheap or even free word of mouth marketing as a marketing tool. But when it comes to genuine IWOM, many companies often become bewildered and finally fell to the online advertising community, and became a word of mouth marketing "word of mouth" advertising. That word of mouth marketing is what should be done?

first, is a must on reputation and Word of mouth marketing have a clearer understanding of

reputation effects can be amplified, but the word itself is no way to do it out of thin air. Reputation reflects the attitudes of consumers, without a good product/service, fabricated by the reputation is fragile, this is especially evident on the Internet;
online word of mouth marketing may not spend a lot of money, but it's definitely not cheap. -May not be a word of mouth marketing TV ads in a matter of ten seconds of time would cost you millions of money. But you need to spend time, energy, patience, good faith cannot be measured in terms of money;
the next step is how to proceed with implementation. In my opinion, network develop word of mouth marketing strategies, what tools to use, how to assess, every industry, every company can have their own considerations, there is no uniform standard. Can only seek to own your very own way in exploration. But there are some tricks most people can learn from.

1, starting from the most familiar friend
before you actually begin, you can try to convince your best friend buying or using your product or service. Reputation is a trust between a process of delivering goods, if positive commodity information in you and your friends are unable to smoothly pass, you don't expect them to be through word of mouth on a large scale in the form of widely spread.

2, step by step crash
asking you ask consumers like you purchase advertising media that follow the strict schedule to help you promote. You need to have a good product or service to their satisfaction; you need to dispel their doubts about your confidence; you need to help them use a variety of tools to make it easier to pass word of mouth; you need to spread your products or services when they are grateful. Internet has let a lot of things are going very fast, but Word of the process can sometimes be very slow, because most of the Communicator is you can't control your customer.

3, look for the right
network of opinion leaders mouth marketing is going to work, but in most cases, opinion leaders can still help you with less effort. So look for a real opinion leaders like your product becomes very important. A point to note here is that the fan inside of your product to find or cultivate opinion leaders and sometimes easier than products industry experts become your fan.

4, honesty and sense of
in the final say, but it is the most important. Asymmetric information the Internet less and less, lies more and more likely to be exposed. Honest is the only way to win consumers for a long time. Similarly, business to consumer, of social responsibility also allow consumers to glance over the network. Do not try to deceive, to hide, doing that will only be self-deceiving.

5, with passion and a sense of humor
in most cases, the consumer is obliged at all times to help you spread word of mouth. So as a beneficiary, business and Word of mouth marketing executives must have passion to all consumers and let them feel your support and encouragement. A sense of humor is an extremely important point, entertainment is King is the present situation of China's Internet, information that can make people laugh more easily spread.

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