Online brand promotion four strokes
(1) network brand promotion in search engine marketing
search engines are one of the main way users find new Web sites, users see information in a keyword search results, is the first impression a company/website online brand, this impression is good or bad decisions the brand the opportunity to further knowledge. Visible Web sites indexed by search engines and ranking in the search results, is the basis of brands using search engine marketing to promote networks. This also means, search engine marketing is based on the corporate Web site marketing methods.
search engine marketing search engine marketing branding is the hierarchy of the second and third levels, namely in the major search engines to get a good ranking hits and enhance users ' search results. At the brand level, belongs to the second level--online brand communication. Search engine marketing and online brand research issues focused on the two different forms have some differences, but the essence is the same. Search engine marketing is the process of information transfer in the study of user behavior, and network brands are only considered in the search engine marketing search engine relationships between brand and network.
network branding using search engine included in the major search engines the most important website, search engine optimization, keyword advertising and other common search engine marketing. This brand usually does not need to be dedicated, and in developing Web sites promotion, product promotion search engine strategies at the same time, taking into account the characteristics of network branding, the "free ride" way to achieve their goals. This demand for higher search engine marketing, while also enhancing the combined effect of the search engine marketing.
(2) brands using viral marketing methods to promote network
viral marketing for online brand promotion as well. For example, Flash humorous essay is one of many Internet users like, an excellent piece of work tend to be in the many colleagues and friends, spread, spread in this process, visitors can not only appreciate the contents of the screen, but also took note of the work site information and the author's personal information, so that you achieve the goal of brand communication. In addition, the common Viral marketing information carriers have free email, e-books, holiday e-cards, online coupons, free software, online chat tools.
(3) provision of electronic journals and newsletters
electronic publications and newsletters are specific manifestations of the internal list permission Email marketing, this means based on the registered user's email information for customer relationships and networks brands have significant effects. October 2002 early, United States a advisory company Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) published has a copies about electronic publications effectiveness of survey report, survey showed that, electronic publications of network marketing value very significantly, even over has website itself, subscription has electronic publications of user not need daily browse website, will can understand to enterprise of about information, for enterprise brand image and promotion customer relationship are has important value. However, even for people voluntarily to subscribe to the mailing list, it is impossible to achieve 100% read, some users still on the list, received messages may not be read. The survey showed that about 27% message has never been a user opens, being fully read email only 23%, other 50% message is only partially read, or simply take a look at.
in permission Email marketing principles and methods, we have introduced the internal list of Email marketing in General, studies have shown that, in fact, many SMEs are not using this method, only part of the e-commerce company and large internal list of values can be fully tapped.
(4) networking marketing-oriented online communities
online community website promotion method of marketing has become obsolete, but online communities online marketing value has not disappeared, especially set up their own online community, such as forums, chat rooms, etc. Set up an online community of enterprise's website, Internet marketing is the direct effect of certain disputes, as most traffic is small, community participation and fewer repeat visitors, so the value of online community is a manifestation of it. But for large enterprises, especially high brand awareness and characteristics of users with similar interests is different for enterprises, such as the large cosmetic companies, real estate companies and car companies, and because there are a lot of users need enterprise Web site for product knowledge and interact with the same brand of consumer experience. Online community brand showed the value of the network.
here need pointed out that of is, network community construction and just a technology problem, that is, established network community of guideline should clear, is to established network brand, and provides customer service, and promotion customer relationship, while more important of is, for network community to has reasonable of business management way, a attract user concern and participation of network community only has network marketing value.  

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